Oak Hill Winery

- Where the Proof is in the Tasting!

Well, thats what the Oak Hill Winery Wine Club is all about.
  #1 - You join for $189 and get two bottles of wine each month, your choice*;
  #2 - You and your guests buy our wine at the lowest possible price, 25% off bottle prices;
  #3 - You get a 10% discount. on most of your non-wine purchases every time you visit;
  #4 - You get first chance at special production and other unique wines;
  #5 - You get invitations to member-only events throughout the year;
  #6 - And you get 'special access' to services only available to members...

How does the Wine Club work? You pay your membership fee of $189.00 (plus tax) and get your first two bottles of wine. Then bring your membership card back to the winery each month and pick out two wines to take home. Miss a month? Just make them up your next visit, you never lose out on your monthly wine, you can catch up up to three months behind per month.

So, whether you join to save some cash (24 bottles x $12.99 = $311.76 versus $189.00) or to learn more about winemaking, we would welcome you to join our fun group of Oak Hill Wine enthusiasts! *Limited Release wines not included

The Wine Club is for people who visit the winery on a regular basis. They want to be part of the winery, they find friends here...
News on Free Events

As we swing into our busy season, our free events slow down as business speeds up.

Watch for our BLACK FRIDAY sale on 11/27, special sales, special wines,special snacks!

In January our monthly free seminars start back up including Wine Appreciation; Home Winemaking; Why do I hate dry wine?; Starting you own winery; and more.

Watch here for more updated information, and be sure to "like" us on FACEBOOK...