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Regular Wines
1 or 2 total bottles purchased:

$12.99 each

3 to 6 bottles 10% off;
6 to 11 bottles 15% off;
12+ 20% off;
Wine Club Members:
25% off
Wines may be mixed for discount

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Wine list as of November 8, 2015 - Not all wines available at both stores
 Dry wines:

 RED BRIDGE - a dry cranberry, chosen by the Wine Club as a favorite
 JALAPA- a nice Chardonnel that's very tasty
 WILDCAT CREEK WHITE - a Vidal Blanc thats crisp and fruity
 PIPE CREEK FALLS - a rare dry white that does not taste dry...
 MISSISSINEWA WHITE - crisp white wine made with Seyval Blanc
  EEL RIVER - our Chambourcin, well balanced...
 OLD BEN - a mellow Shiraz customers say is a winner
  VAN BUREN - a nice light Zinfandel with good balance

Sweet wines:
 WHITEWATER - Vidal Blanc at its best!
 WINDFALL - a grape called Diamond in a semi sweet...
 SWEETSER - a classic Catawba semi-sweet white wine
 BORDERMEN - a new batch of cranberry wine that's different!
 FAIRMOUNT - unusual flavor, pretty sweet, but GREAT!
 BUNKER HILL - its grapey, its tasty, its our best-seller!
 WAPECONG - Its a pure blackberry...
 PERU PEACH - pure peach with a zingy flavor
 KOKOMO CIDER - our sweet apple wine, great cold or hot!